360 Business Intelligence

Improve Transparency
Mitigate Regulatory Risk
Increase Efficiency through Innovation

Through investment intelligence and technology, we help our clients maximise returns and improve Investor outcomes within the spirit of regulation.

We are truly committed with transparency

Current business models are challenged as transparency, independence and best execution become critical in the new regulatory regime.

We aspire to provide truly independent, transparent and cost-effective investment research that is aligned with the interests of the end investor in this new environment.

We combine state-of-the-art technology together with our investment research experience

The Asset & Wealth Management industry is undergoing seismic changes. The most ambitious regulatory changes in decades have come at a time when technology is driving transformation at an exceedingly fast pace.
At 360 Fund Insight, we strive to become your trusted partner to help your firm adapt and differentiate your business model to benefit from the revolutionary changes in the market in a fast and cost-effective manner.