Asset Managers

Your partner in fund distribution and Market Intelligence

360 Fund Insight empowers Asset Managers in fund distribution, with the creation of a new cost-efficient, and completely transparent channel.
Partner Asset Managers can further the reach of their products with our market leading insights and tools for efficient fund distribution, as well as gauging the competitivity of their products in an ever-growing market.

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Passive versus Active Management

Passive Managers are gaining the upper hand in the narrative battle, and Active Asset Managers are fighting an uphill battle to differentiate from the crowd. Managers who are truly active and generate good value for Investors need to gather a lot of intelligence to win the Alpha War, and position their products into the right audience.

Value for Money Analysis, is a proprietary tool to compare total performance versus total cost in any selected fund category, that helps Investors to search for truly Active Managers.

Target Market Fees & Competitiviness

We understand the importance of a thorough competitive analysis and have thus developed a solution that enables Asset Managers to better measure the competitivity of their products in each of their target markets. Being able to better understand where they stand, and how to improve their current position is of crucial strategical importance, and we want to help our partner Asset Managers succeed in this endeavour.

Market Intelligence

The Market Intelligence module provides partner Asset Managers access to valuable insight unavailable elsewhere, as it sheds light on what the current market trends are, what type of funds are having success in each target market, as well as identifying the most effective channels/distributors that are reaching the final investors.

Gathering the relevant information is key to position your product in the marketplace, and with our research we will help you to answer some important questions.

To better understand Funds Flow in Europe, we need to investigate which Type of Investor, Target Market and/or Business Models are attracting those flows, and adapting our Fund / Share Classes prices structure to capture those trends together with our Investment proposition.​

Active Management has difficulties to advocate for in an up trending market, when most of discussion is about cost of investing. We prefer to analyse risk management, and look into value created on the long run throughout adequate control of volatility, with controlled drawdown and high uptrend capture ratios​

We are in contact with Wealth Managers more interested on Guided Architecture Solutions, and looking to partner with a select number of Asset Managers to explore synergies and grow together ​

Product push is a commercial strategy that has no sense in a new regulatory environment. It is better to look into my client portfolio and understand better what his needs are, and how my funds can help to improve return with better diversification or ri/ reducing risk o​