Asset Servicing

Innovative Solutions for evolving client needs

At 360 Fund Insight, we empower Custodian Banks and Fund Platforms providing front office and back office solutions to help their clients to focus on what really matters, the end investor.

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Prospectus Third Party Vendors Asset Managers Best Execution Peer Analysis Value for Money
Data imputs from a number of sources ensures wider ISIN coverage Sources Data cross-checked and cleaned by our team. Further data validation directly by asset managers. Data Validation Propietary database ensures greater control over quality and depth Eagle Eye Database Include client's parameters & data (rebates...) Upload through secure hosting services(AWS) Client Criteria Finding appropriate share class. Peer comparison, rebate uploads. Improving client returns. Eagle Eye Output
Data Validation Cross-check and validate data directly with asset managers Automatic Alerts For changes and updates in prospectus directly from asset managers Ongoing Maintenance Team maintain database and update regularly Qualitative Overlay Recommendations for most appropriate share classes to ensure best execution Ongoing Monitoring Our team provides ongoing alerts to changes to prospectus for your funds Data Cleansing Clean all collected data from third party vendors

How Eagle Eye works