Wealth Managers & Financial Advisers

Funds Fairway:
The integral solution for effective ongoing governance

FundsFairway is an all-encompassing solution to ongoing governance, it empowers advisers and WMs so that they can provide the best service to their end investors every step of the advisory process – from investment selection to periodical reporting. Providing the best results for your investors, and complying with every regulatory need in a personalised, integrated dashboard

FUND SUITABILITY BEST EXECUTION ONGOING GOVERNANCE Risk Profile Target Market Ex-Ante Cost + Charges Best Share Class Common Share Class Corporate Actions Value for Money Ex-Post Cost + Charges Client Reporting

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Fund Suitability – Investor Profile

Efficient, digital check for a fund’s EMT investor profile to ensure funds meet client investment objectives.

Fund Suitability – Product Profile

Efficient, digital check for a fund’s EPT risk analysis. Ensuring investors are using an appropriate level of risk


Helping Advisers comply with their Best Execution policy

Our proprietary and independently governed costs and charges database. Users can comply with ex-ante costs charges requirements when selecting products and ex-post requirements when reporting. Our Eagle Eye® dashboard helps users seamlessly browse ISINs that fit their individual client needs. The tool provides a share class analysis for every client trade in-line with MIFID II regulations, including Target Market and Investment size.


Helping Advisers with Corporate Actions reporting

We support users with efficient on-going governance that can be tailored to their own defined universe.

Our tool disseminates corporate actions information at asset manager and fund level easily and clearly prioritising different types of action.

Monitoring and reporting is simplified in a user-friendly calendar view. This helps users organise actions such a dividend income per client.


Helping Fund Selectors to monitoring “relative” performance of their Short List of Funds.

Comparing your Fund Selection against the rest of the peer group funds in a regular basis, is critical to ensure that end investors are always on track to get their investment objectives, and reduce non-market risk.

Our proprietary Value for Money Reporting will provide Fund Selectors the right tool for a continue monitoring on risk, performance, cost and ESG, on each of the selected funds.