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Execution Only

Providing execution only platforms with client risk profiling tools and on-going governance and reporting to ensure best execution

Current Business Model

This is a trading service that is restricted only to the execution of trades. Clients do not receive any advice regarding the merits or risks of funds, or the suitability of their investments. Many firms do however provide guidance. This involves generic advice to improve client experience and providing general fund recommendations. 


Who is it for?

As no advice is provided to clients, this is most suitable for experienced professional investors who are aware of the risks and rewards of various investment strategies.


What are the Risks?

The Financial Market Advice Review says: “If the structure and content of a firm’s guidance service is unfair, unclear or misleading and this leads to poor outcomes, customers will be able to complain to the firm.” This highlights potential regulatory and reputational risks for the firm. 

How We Can Help

We will be your partner to provide a global solution for your end clients, integrating fintech tools such as digital on-boarding, risk profiling questionnaires and robo-advice engines. As a regulated company, we can also deliver ongoing governance on all your offered products to assess best execution.

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